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A lack of awareness of modern dental treatments

The most important issue with oral and dental health in current India revolves around  awareness . There exists a general lack of oral health awareness and its direct relevance and connection to overall health. This is due to the lack of oral health services in close closeness as well as a lack of elementary education in the matter. There is an incontrovertible contribution from oral health to total health which must be rock-hard into the common mind. Dr. Arvind Ashtankar is the Best Dentist in Nagpur   Innovative treatments and gear in the technological age has resulted in great leaps and bounds in the types of painless dental conduct offered and available. However, the alertness of these existing treatments are minimal. One such example is in the case of dentures. Dentures were the most widespread treatment available to people that lost their teeth due to an misfortune or old age. However, dentures resulted in long term damage by unreliable the shape of a person’s fa