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How can a Cosmetic Dentist help you achieve a good Smile?

  Teeth are one of the first things that are visible when someone smiles at you, and vice versa and hence it becomes a very important factor in shaping your smile. Your smile is already perfect but sometimes accidents, breakages etc can harm your teeth and left you feeling sad about it damaging your smile. But don’t worry, Smilestone has got your back! Smilestone is the Best Dental Clinic in Nagpur If you’ve ever felt that your smile could be improved a little in some way or that you don’t want to be held back from smiling at your fullest then we have some amazing treatment options for you that would be performed by Smilestone’s finest cosmetic dentist, to give you the smile that you deserve. Here are a few ways in which we can help you achieve the perfect smile:- Teeth whitening Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching is a cosmetic treatment that helps in removing stains and discoloration parts from your teeth. Discoloration which could have been caused due to the kind of foods and

Yellow marks on Teeth-Is Coffee the Culprit?

  Did you know your love for coffee strength be toxic to your oral health? Well, coffee contains tannin, which – to put it simply– takes gain of teeth enamel’s porous nature and causes tooth stain. In short, coffee that you can’t live without is the coffee that dyes your teeth. Contact Dr.Arvind Ashtankar –The Best Dentist in Nagpur today. Is There More to Coffee than Discoloration Teeth? Well, yes– coffee tints teeth, but it poses other jeopardies too. Apart from varying your white pearls into calorific stones, there are a few other weaknesses to drinking coffee. • Halitosis: It doesn’t only grip to your teeth but also your patois. As a consequence, it tips to bad breath. You know too much of rather is toxic, and so your snort reeks as a red flag! • Tooth Erosion: Sip, sip, sip although your tooth enamel wear and chip! Yes, intake coffee can lead to tooth coating erosion as it builds microorganisms in your mouth. If you live on coffee– don’t. • Decay & Illness : You

How Is A Cantilever Dental Bridge Dissimilar From Other Bridges?

  Do you wish to avoid receiving a dental implant due to the violent procedure? Why worry? You can opt for a cantilever dental connection instead. Smilestone Dental Clinic team is very knowledgeable for  Best Implant Dentistry in Nagpur A out-of-date bridge, you can also pick for a cantilever bridge, implant-supported bridge. In this blog, let’s emphasis on the pros and cons of cantilever dental bridges. The unique building of a cantilever dental bridge The dental bridge necessitates just one together solid tooth next to the removed or  missing tooth . The bridge is labelled on the end-to-end tooth. The cantilever dental bridge looks totally natural. Therefore, dentists often commend it to patients with an absent front tooth.  Installing the dental bridge A cantilever bridge is appealingly lovely because it does not have metal bands. The dental device rallies the patient’s smile by casing irregularities. It functions like a normal tooth. First, your surgeon will take digit