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Tips to help your Kids Practice Good Dental Hygiene

  Oral hygiene is not only important for preteens or adults, its also important for babies and toddlers. Starting dental care for your kids early can help the children have healthy teeth right from the beginning and can help form good oral habits from early on in their life. Smilestone is the Best Dental Clinic in Nagpur Parents being the role models of the children, have a big role to play when it comes to dental hygiene, it is shown in multiple researches that parents who brush twice a day and floss regularly, have children who do the same. So parents taking the children to their dentist appointments and demonstrating healthy brushing techniques can help children form good dental habits a long way.  We believe that as the kids grow, their dental habits should grow with them, so making it fun and creative can help kids keep engaged and interested in their daily brushing routine. Here are some tips we recommend for parents to try out with their children:-   1.      Letting them

Bruxism: Are You Hurting Your Teeth While You Sleep?

No matter how industriously you care for your fangs during the day, you might be hurting them overnight or in other circumstances without even understanding you are doing it. Many people experience teeth crushing and jaw clenching, or a condition known as  bruxism , while they sleep or in demanding situations.  Over time, these activities can wear on your mouth and cause enduring damage if they are not lectured . This post will help you identify if you suffer from bruxism, learn more about what triggers it, and provide some short-term and long-term treatment opportunities   . Smilestone is the Best Dental Clinic in Nagpur .   Causes and Symptoms of Bruxism The most common motives for teeth oppressive and jaw gritting are stress and anxiety. This can occur through the day or while you are slumbering. Even if you are wide awake, you might not even appreciate that you are doing it. Bruxism is one of many customs that our body really manifests stress even if our minds aren’t mind