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What are the Do’s and Don’ts after tooth extraction?

  It might be difficult to readjust to life without a tooth if it has been pulled due to overgrowth or problems that are no longer treatable. Therefore, today we will discuss what you should and should not do after having a tooth extracted. Smilestone- The Best Dental Clinic in Nagpur will tell you about do’s and don’ts after tooth extraction? Do’s To Stop Bleeding: • Apply Cotton Gauge Your dentist will tell you to leave a gauze pad in place for at least 45 minutes following the extraction because there will be some bleeding. It's fine to bite down on the gauze pad if the bleeding is particularly heavy. Applying pressure should help stop the bleeding. It is important to treat any pain or swelling. Post-extraction edoema and soreness are common and usually subside within three days. Don't forget to keep an ice pack on hand in case you experience any discomfort or swelling. To reduce swelling, ice your face in 10-minute intervals.In order to aid in the clotting and

7 Tips To Care For Your Teeth After Turning 30

  1.Wait 30 mins before brushing Enamel is the exterior, hard layer of teeth, and it serves as a barrier against cavities. Citrus and other acidic foods can wear away tooth enamel. Toothbrushing at this time can actually do more harm than good by leaving teeth even more susceptible to injury. Are you searching for Best Dental Clinic in Nagpur Dentists advise their patients to drink water and wait at least an hour after eating before brushing their teeth. Still, you shouldn't neglect brushing your teeth. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, especially if you consume foods and drinks that are heavy in sugar and carbs. 2.Stick to a nutritious eating plan There is no component of health that is immune to the influence of diet. Consuming an abundance of sugary foods and drinks is a surefire way to increase your risk of developing plaque and cavities, as well as a host of other medical issues. Consuming a diet high in acidic foods can also erode tooth enamel, making teeth mor